Refund policy

We give full and partial refunds (without returns) in the following conditions:

- IF package has not been delivered at all

- IF package has been significantly delayed due to circumstances out of our control (partial refund)

- IF the item ordered is broken / defective

Refund Processing Time

 We will process your refund in 3-5 business days, after we receive your request.

Return policy

We allow you to return the item to our facility in the following scenarios:

- IF you receive the item and want to return the item and it is in good condition

- IF the item is slightly defective and our support team deems it as a return instead of refund

Order Cancellations

If you message us wanting to cancel the order, we'll try our best to do so in time. But if the item has already been shipped, you will have to return the item back to us (UNOPENED AND UNUSED) to get a full refund.


For more information regarding our policies and assistance regarding refunds / returns, contact our support team here -