Wartorn Helmet Lamp - Remember Our History

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Remember our veterans and war history

A true symbol of American heritage, this Battle Helmet Lamp is a unique depiction of our immense victory in the WW2.

The perfect complement to any nightside, be reminded of our fallen soldiers and the turmoil that crafted America to the nation that it is today.

Crafted from real helmets and discarded weapons

Each Wartorn Helmet Lamp is handcrafted to perfection from relics recovered on the battle ground relics:

  • German M1942 Helmet, recovered from the 1944 battlefield in Estonia
  • A German K98 bayonet, recovered from Berlin
  • Multiple bullets

Multi functional lamp and collectible piece

A lightbulb is welded into the centre of the German helmet. Uniquely improve your living space with the lamp functionality and historical components.


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