Report: Libs Attempt To Censor And Cancel Innocent Pride Flag T Shirt

(DHG) — The leftists are back at it again, wreaking havoc online and trying to shove their agenda down everyone's throat.

This time, a patriotic brand selling these innocent "This is My Pride Flag T-Shirt" has the Liberals in an absolute rage.

They've gone to Twitter to vent, calling anyone who has one of these T-shirts an "absolute loser". On top of that, they are calling the t-shirt "offensive" and that it should be banned from being advertised online!

Little did they know that their social media rants and attempted censorship would completely back fire!

As soon as Conservatives got wind that the site was being "cancelled", demand skyrocketed.

Owner Tyler W. had this to say: 

"The Liberals, they sure don't know how to get things done!

Sales have been FLOODING in ever since their attempted censorship.

The Libs are truly evil trying to take down a small business in times like these!"

Finely printed with the true pride flag on the front, we see why patriots are snagging up this t shirt..

It's unapologetically patriotic and the perfect way to display that you are a proud American....

If the leftists are successful... you may not be able to find these t shirts anywhere...

But luckily for now, they seem to be failing, so get one while you still can.

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With over 150+ real 5 star reviews, this t shirt is a huge hit amongst republicans!

Here’s what some of them have to say:

Personally, we find the most appealing part about the t shirt, is the fact that it’s proudly printed in the United States.

Each purchase will help fuel the local economy by providing wages for hardworking American citizens.

No wonder the Dems don’t like it! They sure don’t like seeing the economy thrive đŸ˜‚

Click here to get the shirt and support the local economy

Proudly wear the true pride flag on your t shirt. Show support for our wonderful nation and all of those who have fought for our freedom.

True patriots will come up to you to give you a compliment for representing the flag while liberals will secretly seethe when they see it.

Take your stand now! Click below to get the shirt before they are sold out.


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