Report: Innocent USA Pride T Shirt  Draws Backlash From Liberals


(DHG) — The liberals are back at it again... it seems parading and marching to their pride month is not enough!

An innocent patriotic brand selling these amazing "This Is My Pride Flag" t shirts on their website has enraged Liberals and boy are they angry.

They've gone to social media to rant about how people who wear the t shirts are "truly disgusting" and how it is just like the "hate crime".... Simply hilarious!

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Little did they know that their plan would completely back fire!

As soon as conservatives got wind that the site was being "cancelled", demand skyrocketed.

Owner Tyler W. had this to say:

"The Liberals, they sure don't know how to get things done!

Thanks to them, sales have been FLOODING in. Seems like everyone loves wearing the TRUE pride flag on their chest!

The Libs are truly evil trying to take down a small business in times like these!"

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Finely printed with a patriotic message , we see why patriots are yearning to wear this shirt during pride month....

It says the message that everyone feels and understands:

That the USA Flag is the real pride flag and not some rainbows

If the Liberals are successful... you won't be able to find these t shirts anywhere...

But luckily for now, they seem to be failing, so get one while you still can.

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Republicans have been snaggin these tee up like crazy, it's been a huge hit!

With over 10,000+ shirts shipped out and 500+ real 5 star reviews, proud supporters are buying the t shirt for both themselves and family members to gift.

Some Happy Customers:

Review Images Banner.png__PID:4ef18f6c-33ee-42b6-b147-c51ba3604130

Personally, we find the most appealing part about the t shirt, is the fact that it’s proudly printed in the United States.

That means each purchase will help fuel the local economy by providing wages for hardworking American citizens and that it will ship out fast.

No wonder the Libs don’t like it! They sure don’t like seeing the economy thrive 😂

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Proudly wear the true pride flag on your chest and showcase your love for our country.

It makes for the perfect gift for any veteran that's served to protect our nation.

Whether it be a friend, or family member, they will truly LOVE this t shirt and it will probably become their favorite shirt to wear out!

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The liberals are trying their hardest to ban it from being sold and who knows when they'll be able to.

So hurry up.. Stand up against the Libs, and snag one of these t shirts for yourself or a family member.

Click the red button below today and to fight back and get your tee!


Limited Stock Available!

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