My family almost died in a terrible car crash… Without this incredible tool, today my life would be a nightmare.

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Did you know that in the US alone, every year over 2000 children become casualties in car accidents? This is the story of how my children almost became part of that statistic…

Last November, my cousin bought me a birthday present that at the time I thought was the dumbest idea ever. A survival shovel. Can you imagine that?

It did look very expensive though. Tiny but sturdy, it had a gazillion tools and gadgets that seemed high quality and looked like they would come in handy if you were camping in a forest. Which I don’t recall doing ever in my life. But I digress.

I’ve put the LegionShovel™ under my car seat and forgot about it for a while. Until the worst thing I could ever imagine happened.

One day we were coming back from a family field trip to Yellowstone. The day was long, and both of our daughters were feeling a bit cranky and tired and we were all just waiting to get home and for the day to end.

 It was a perfect day until…

Out of nowhere, a car swerved on our side of the road. I jerked the wheel to the right and saw we were about to run off-road. My life flashed before my eyes as I thought to myself “is this how it ends?”

All I remember is the world tumbling and turning around me and the screams of my wife and daughters. When I opened my eyes, my head was pounding and everything was upside down. And there was smoke. Lots of smoke.

The car was burning, and we had to get out - ASAP. To make things worse, it seemed like the seat buckles were broken and my daughters were trapped..

Then I saw the LegionShovel™ at the bottom of the car..

I pulled it out immediately and I used the knife to cut the seatbelts that were holding my wife and me in place. We got out, and luckily I realized I could use the shovel to pry the doors open and save my daughters as well.

I did it. My family was safe. Now we had to find our way back to civilization. I comforted and calmed my daughters and made them walking sticks using serrated and sharpened edges of the shovel.

And the four of us, armed with nothing but this incredible survival shovel, made it back to civilization and got the help we needed.

Only after this unfortunate experience did I realize the potential of this incredible tool!

Since then, I thank dear God and my amazing cousin every day for putting this shovel into my hand.

Before that I didn’t even notice that the LegionShovel™ hides 18 survival tools and gadgets that can (and will!) help you survive!

Here are some of the gadgets I find extremely useful in all sorts of situations:

âś… Shovel blade with sharpened edge and a sawtooth
âś… Universal knife that can cut through anything in seconds
âś… Anti-Skid Extension Rods made from high-carbon steel
âś… A Whistle for attracting attention and calling for help
âś… Magnesium Fire Starter for lighting up a fire in all conditions
âś… Tools such as a screwdriver, bottle opener, hex tool, and many more! 

But those are not the only reasons why I love The LegionShovel™…

I’ve never been much of a survivalist. Until life forced me to become one.

Not only did The LegionShovel™ teach me how important it is to always be ready, but it also taught me how to efficiently prepare myself for disaster!

This is what makes the LegionShovel™ such a great tool that can be used by everyone:

· It’s made from virtually indestructible 440 carbon steel
· Tiny and compact so that it can fit in your backpack, med kit, or under your car seat
· Intelligent and intuitive design so that even children can figure out how to use it
· 18 useful tools & gadgets that come in handy whether you’re camping, hiking, or surviving
· Start a fire, catch food, dig shelter, break obstacles… The LegionShovel™ can do it all!

This one little shovel will keep you and your family safe for a lifetime!

Don’t wait for tragedy to knock on your door as I did! Be proactive in providing safety to your family and buy the LegionShovel™ today!

The 18-in-1 functional design and indestructible build of the LegionShovel™ will help you survive and thrive in a situation that requires you to activate your survival skills.

I wish it didn’t take a car accident and the endangerment of my children’s lives to discover how precious this tool can be in key moments when you need it most. Get The LegionShovel™ now and keep your family safe for decades to come!

Update: The LegionShovel™ is now at 45% OFF!

Thank you for your support, everyone! I had no idea so many people went through a similar experience as my family and I did!

So many of you asked where they can get the LegionShovel™, and I can answer that with ease.

You can get LegionShovel™ at United Patriot’s official website.

To make things even better, they are currently offering a whopping 45% discount!

I wish they had that when I bought two for my wife and the house..

Get the LegionShovel™ now!

They have already sold over 32,000 units!

People are going mad over the LegionShovel™! I’ve seen so many positive reviews that praise this amazing tool, I must admit I’m very glad I’m not the only one!

From what I understand, the LegionShovel™ supply is limited, especially during fall and winter as that’s when people buy it most. And it certainly makes a great gift to friends and family!

 If you think this tool is something you could use, and I know you could, go to their website now and check if LegionShovel™ is still available!

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